Green Earth Project

Green Earth Project 2017

"There are numerous benefits of recycling such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy… preserving our resources as well as protecting wildlife..."
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Green Earth Project 2016

“Today, the recycling of fluorescent bulbs is widely practiced. Responsible companies such as Toshiba have embraced fluorescent bulb recycling as one of its important measure in its contribution to a recycling-oriented society...”
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Green Earth Recycling Activity

“The Lionheart Society is very pleased that the school acknowledges this new project making Green Earth Recycling an official after-school activity. This allows many students who are seeking for any opportunity to partake in an eco-friendly scheme...”
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Green Earth Project 2013-2014

"We have taught villagers in many parts of Thailand to make sunhats out of beverage cartons as it is viable, eco-friendly and can be a means of earning additional income"
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Lionheart Cubbies Visit to Toshiba Recycling Plant 2014

"The Cubbies were very pleased to have this chance to learn in depth one of our main projects which we hope they would continue to pursue..."
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Green Earth Project 2012-2013

"….projects as it builds a stronger and deeper understanding of
the importance of saving the world and protecting our environment."
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(Since March 2011)

The “Green Earth Project” consists of sub-projects which includes both the “Green Light Project” and the “Green Roof Project”. The main objective is to raise people’s awareness on dangers that may be done unintentionally to the environment if safety measures are not followed. Also, proper waste management involving recycling plays an important role in conserving our natural resources. Recycling isn’t really that hard – it just takes a little effort to help clean up our environment. We have the ability to recycle and make a difference – we can all do it.

Our Aim

Encourage recycling and proper disposal of common hazardous materials that pose harmful effects to the environment

Green Light Project

  • About the Project
  • Light bulbs/lamps’ Environmental Threats
  • Batteries’ Environmental Threats
  • Actions Taken

Green Roof Project

  • About the Project
  • Beverage Carton Collection
  • Roof Specifications
  • Find out more